With the rising pollution level in the capital city of India, we all are at high risk of uncountable health problems especially children. Therefore, it has become significant to take precautions before you are attacked by bacteria and virus. Though adults are taking preventive measures by putting on air filter masks on daily basis, children might require additional protection given their comparatively low immunity. 

We, at FubuBox, have come up with some ways, which can help you shield your kids from air pollution.

  • Remain Indoors as much as possible        

There is nothing scientific about the fact that the more you stay outdoors, the more you are putting your health at risk and for all this “pollution” is to be blamed. As mentioned above that immune system of kids is not as strong as adults so it’s strongly recommended to keep your kids inside your home as much as you can. 

You can keep them entertained inside the home through our educational boxes subscription as these are helpful to make them learn innovative things while having fun. FubuBox educational subscription boxes for toddlers is an exceptional concept launched for overall development of your kids, which keeps them protected from air pollution too. 

  • Add Greenery to You Place

The second most important thing is to make sure that your children breathe clean and fresh air. Though there are several artificial ways by which you can purify air but the best and natural way is to incorporate plants. You must have purifying plants at your place such as Indian Basil, Spider Plant, English Ivy, Aloe Vera, and many more. 

  • Increase Fluid Intake

As we are living in a polluted environment, it’s obvious that we beathe polluted air, which is one of the main causes behind the diagnosis of respiratory problems. But here is a way out to this problem. You can flush out the toxic chemicals of your body by increasing the intake of fluids. That means, start drinking more water, fruit juice, lemonade, and other refreshing fluids. 

We are sure you’ll feel refreshed and more energetic!

  • Breathing Exercises

One of the best ways to rescue your kids from air pollution is to strengthen the lungs. When your children perform some of the breathing exercises then their lungs will gain strength to fight against pollution in the air. You can make them perform the below-mentioned exercises:

  • Balloon Breathing
  • Tumble Dry Breathing
  • Flower Breathing Exercise, and more



  • Air Purifying Mask



It’s too crucial for your kids to wear air purifying mask before stepping out of the home. Whether they are going to school or shopping with you, don’t let them accompany without this mask. It is suggested to shop for the N95/99 mask for the safety of your kids. 



  • Air Ventilation



You must ensure that your home is well ventilated as suffocation might occur, causing breathing problems. For this, get an exhaust fan installed in your kitchen as well as each bathroom.



  • Steam is Important



In order to keep the respiratory system of your children clean for proper breathing, let them take steam. We recommend you to add a few drops of lavender or Eucalyptus essential oil. 


These are some of the simplest ways that can help to a great extent in maintaining the health of the kids.