Books "A life long friendship".

It is said that, “there is no friend as loyal as a book.”
Our little bunnies, with their imaginary friends, talking to the walls, how common is that sight? We, at Fubu Box believe that childhood is a riot of dreams and everything beautiful.
Then why not give your child something, that is their for life…Books!

Reading habits and the right books are the answers to all your questions!
Here are some of the ways in which you can build reading habits in your children:
Read right, Read everyday!:
Reading to your kids everyday is integral for child development. When reading habits are built right from day one it becomes an everyday activity.
Each age group and level of child development has a unique set of books.

Interactive all the way: It is essential to understand that children read and learn through seeing and feeling. Colors and textures that they can touch and feel, make them excited about the book. Dramatize and make them see what you are reading to them. Building good habits in your children involves your active role.

Let them choose: It is integral to let your little ones make a choice. What this does is, it helps to make them see what they like and what they do not. Reading habits that are self developed are always more sustainable. Let your kids get in the good habit to read different books.

Our little butterflies, need their wings of books to fly. After all, their bubbling giggling faces, shining bright eyes and a life of laughter and happiness is all a parent dreams of!

For effective child development and a happy environment it is important for your child to see the world through great books.

We at fububox, wish you all happy parenting!