When you work hard and tirelessly for something you strongly believe in, acknowledgements of any kind make it all worth your while. From customer reviews to positive feedback, and even direct mails from happy members is all that the team at Fububox – best activity box kids looks for. 

However, it was a wonderful surprise for everyone at Fububox – best activity box kids, when at the start of this year acknowledgement came in the form of a fantastic news. Fububox – best activity box kids had participated in the Kids Stop Press 2019 Awards and it was exhilarating to learn that the brand had been voted as the winner in the Best Subscription Box Kids Category 2019!


Founders Janvi Jain and Neha Jain accepting the KSP Best Subscription Box 2019 award from Actor Sameera Reddy


Kids Stop Press is an amazing, multi-digital channel platform for new-age parents. It has emerged as a reliable and exhaustive resource of some great parenting tips, reading material, latest products for kids and parents, fun services, and more. It is a platform that is simplifying parenting and making it a memorable journey for many.

 The awards are conducted across an array of categories that are carefully chosen by their internal team. Fububox – best activity box kids first Kids Stop Press award happened in 2018 when it was declared the Runners-up for the same category. The win was super-special and most cherished simply because it came within less than a year of starting operations in April 2017. It was a memorable validation of the team’s endeavors both, from the parents, as well as, the fraternity.

 However, to be winners in the Best Subscription Box Kids category a year later has filled them with immense pride. For founders Janvi Jain and Neha Jain it is an extremely humbling experience, being voted as the ‘Best Subscription Box Kids in India 2019’ from among some highly inspiring brands. The duo considers it to be yet another milestone towards their passion becoming a growing reality. 

The Co-Founders, being parents, themselves have always believed in the power of reading and the role it plays in grooming children’s characters. It is with this thought that Fububox - best activity box kids was started — with an aim to make some terrific books and titles easily accessible to busy parents and help them raise readers.

 Fellow brands competing for the ‘Title’ included the Baby Lit project, FlintoBox, First Cry Intelli Kit, Butterfly Edu Fields, Xplora Box, and Magic Crate. To emerge a winner amidst brands they admire has made the win even sweeter. However, for the FubuBox team, the biggest award is when they find a happy little munchkin, excited to receive their activity boxes, month after month. It lends them the zeal to work extra-hard.

“We work for that toothy smile on your little one’s face and that look of satisfaction on yours, as a parent.” Said Co-Founder Neha Jain.

 “Therefore, this comes as a ‘Thankyou’ to every parent and every fraternity member who has invested their faith in us and made this possible. This award is not just a pat on our back for doing our job well, but also a huge encouragement to keep at it.” Said Co-Founder Janvi Jain.

“It propels us to work even harder with zeal to keep bringing some amazing and engaging boxes for our little learners; each time, every time.” She added.

While the award confirms that their vision of making reading an integral part of parenting is absolutely in line with what modern age parents seek; it is also a showcase of their hard work and dedication towards a project they dreamt to turn into a success.