There is no better feeling than squishing your little snugglebug and see them grow! They make our lives so wonderful. Having a child is a full time job. A parent needs to constantly think about ways to keep the overflowing energy of their child to good use.
A child’s mind can absorb, learn and grow quick, so it is important to make the maximum of it.

It is important to engage your child in the right manner and turn playful activities and fun to learning and child development.
can take many forms. But, we, at Fubu Box believe in the power of ‘offline parenting’! Because your child’s delicate eyes and tender fingers are too fragile for screens and rays.

These are few of the ways in which you can undertake effective child engagement involving good habits.

Know what your child needs

Little kids are a bundle of enthusiasm. Transform their playtime into learning time. Informative picture cards, books, games and a lot of color and texture is the best way for child engagement.
Knowing what your child needs, their age group and interests are key.

Act Right

Developing good habits in the early days is very helpful in the later years. If you read to your child every night and make it a part of their bed-time routine, they will be looking forward to this quality time together with you everyday and slowly develop a habit on their own. Good parenting is taking an active part in their engagement activities.

Make the most of this beautiful time

Having a child is a blessing, and spending quality time with them too. Working and non working parents can make time out to read to your child, engage them, take them outdoors and let them have fun.

Child engagement and appropriate child development is a key to have your child live a wholesome life. Enjoy see them grow and become beautiful human beings.

We, at Fubu Box wish you a happy and joyous parenting!