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The juggling joker, the mighty elephant balancing on the stool or the tiger jumping through the fire ring. create your own enchanting circus! These open ended toys are all multifunctional and can be used as stackers, lacing toys and for a lot of free play!

Let your little thinkers explore, imagine, discover and grow! These nature-inspired, open-ended, non-toxic, no- battery and child-led wooden toys that celebrate children’s innate sense of creativity and wonder are perfect for toddlers for oodles of stimulating free play.


 1. Ways to play—Let your child do free-play and see their imagination grow! Tracing and colouring on paper. Lace the toys and make a garland. Stack them up and try to balance on each other.

2. Skills- Imaginative Skills, Cognitive Skills, Hand Eye Co-ordination and Fine Motor Skills.

3. Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic, Safely Designed For Kids, Skill Development, Child Led Play, Open Ended Toys.

Age Group  :- 2 to 5

Made Of Material :- Wooden

Product Include in the Package :- 19 wooden elements , string, one leaflet

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