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1. This Balancing Board which is also called a wobble board or curvy board is a Waldorf inspired toy.

2. This helps in balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness for children as well as adults!

3. It can take a weight of 100 kgs.


1. Watch the board become multiple things with the children's imagination.

2. It can turn into a stool, a table, a tunnel, a bridge and more!

3. Rock it in different waves by sitting, standing, kneeling.

Key Features :- 

1. Balance on this fun board by standing , sitting, kneeling and more!

2. Takes the weight of 100 kgs.

3. Natural wood and non-toxic materials used.

4. Dimensions - L63.5 X W31.75 X H11.43 in cms.

5. Weight Capacity - Takes upto 100kgs.

 Age Group :- 3 to 12

Product Material :- Wooden

Package Include:-  1 element

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