Little Jamun Handmade Block Print Wooden Stamps - The Lil Girls Stamping kit


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This wooden stamp’s kit contains stamps, vibrant non-toxic ink and stamp pads.

These lovely wooden stamps are carved by Indian artisans with care and perfection.

Support their craft and show them your love! Let the kids prepare their own inkpad with non-toxic inks.

Key Features :- 

1. Prepare you ink pad-

  • Step 1- Pour a spoonful of the ink on the sponge pad and spread it all across the surface.
  • Step 2- The sponge should be soaked with ink and colour should be visible from the bottom of the container. Do not pour too much ink as that will not give the desired result!
  • Step 3- Gently press the stamp in the ink pad and enjoy stamping!

2.Ways to play—Encourage kids to create patterns, scenes and colour them. Make wrapping papers by stamping on thin paper. Make little gift tags.

3. Skills - Imagenative Skills, Cognitive Skills, Hand Eye Co-ordination, Fine Motor Skills.

4. Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic, Safely Designed For Kids, Skill Development, Child Led Play, Open Ended Toys.

Age Group :- 2.5 to 5

Product Material :- Wooden

Package Include :- 10 wooden element stamps, 2 colour bottles, 2 inkpads, one leaflet

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