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Description :-  Cuddle Care’s padded nappies are recommended for babies from 0 months to 9 months or 10 kgs of weight. The Padded nappies have 2 layers of cotton padding in the pee zone making it partially waterproof and a holding capacity of upto 1 pee. The Padded nappies are made of 100% cotton and give your baby free range of motion during diaper free time. Rashfree & gentle on skin. Easy to wash & Care.

Size  :-  Small, Medium, Large.

Age  :-   Size: Small - New born to 3 months Medium - 3 months to 6 months Large - 6 moths - 9 months. 

Care instructions:- Wash in cold water and hang dry. Make sure to tie the knots before washing it in the machine to avoid the nappies from getting entangled.

Pack-size :- Pack of 3 nappies.


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