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This power packed kit is designed to develop fine motor skills, strengthen hand muscles for writing, enhance imagination and nurture creativity in kids.

- The kit is extremely easy to use and keeps little minds and hands occupied in a constructive manner. Let the kids create their little world in their own way while you sit back and enjoy the wonders of your kid’s imagination.

- The set contains 8 multicolor playdoughs (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, brown, white) which are completely organic, non-toxic, taste-safe [certified by NABL accredited laboratory] and made only with food grade ingredients.

- To make it even more fun, this kit comes with various tools- 3 metal playdough cutters, 2 types of wooden rolling pins, a kid friendly scissors, a patterned roller, a wooden knife, 3 reusable playdough mats and 8 storage tubs for playdough. The set is especially designed for the parents to also have fun and spend quality time with the kids.

- Features:
- 100% natural, taste safe, toxin free [Lab certified]
- Open ended play
- Enhances creativity
- Builds fine motor skills
- Suitable for kids 1.5 years and above [we have seen adults enjoying this too!]

- Care Instructions:

- After usage, keep playdough back in storage tubs and close them tightly. Keep the box in a cool [Temperature: 5 - 25 C] & dark place
- Wipe wooden tools and metal cutters with a damp cloth and let it dry

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