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Introduce your kids to the wonder world of Lattoo playdough! Roll it, press it, squish it, smash it, twist it, cut it, sculpt it or just feel it– the possibilities are endless.

- Lattoo playdoughs provide multi-sensory experience (touch, visual, smell) and are great for all kinds of creative play – pretend play, activities, playdates, projects, or to refill any Lattoo Playdough Kits. Works best with Lattoo playdough tools!

- Pride Playdough Pack comes in 6 vibrant colors – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet- Lattoo playdoughs are natural, taste safe and toxin-free lab certified.

-After usage, put playdoughs back in storage tubs or any airtight boxes and and close it tightly. Keep them in a cool [Temperature: 5 - 25 C], dry place

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