Wooden Stamping Kit for Play dough


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Gorgeous, Safe and handmade, playdough stampers for your little ones!

- Encourage play in an unstructured and open-ended way with these wooden stamping tools.

- The beautifully handcrafted stamping kit comes with 2 rolling pins, 2 hammers with grooved ends, a textured stamp, a pointed tool and a spatula.

- The tools help to build self-confidence, enhances fine motor skills, imagination, develops creativity, and also promotes individual or group projects.

- Our all-natural and non-toxic beech wood product is well sanded and finished with natural grade oils, making it very safe for children to use.

- They pair perfectly with play dough, cloud dough, or kinetic sand.

- Adult Supervision is recommended.

- Details on wood: The dyes are water based and non-toxic. The finishes are made with oils of natural origin. The oils can have an aroma at the beginning, but it looses within a few days. Each piece is unique, each one is painted by hand. And natural imperfections are recognized as being part of the natural wood: it is beautiful and makes the material even more valuable.

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