Kids always find it amazing to receive gifts rather than to give. And when they know that they will get the same in someone else’s party then it becomes a moment of eternal happiness for them. But what to present kids as return gifts is a very tricky question. Here, in this blog we will provide you with the ideas of various return kids which your child can gift on his/her birthday…

Best Kids Subscription Box India

1). Animal Potli Bags - You can give these to kids as per the choice of their favorite animal with  messages to save them as well. This will create an interest in them towards saving animals.


2). Personalized Mugs - With their names and their best pictures, you can gift this to them which will thrill them with excitement. 


3). Cute Keychains - The kids can tie these keychains in their bicycles and enjoy the ride.


4). Soft Toys - Kids love these kind of cozy things and creatures.


5). Cartoon Pens - As the kiddos have great inclination towards cartoons, they will love to get this. 


6). Cute Monster Finger Puppets - In this way you can even introduce them to the puppet shows.


7). Legos - Kids can learn the basics of construction by playing various Lego Games.


8). Exam Pads - These will be very useful for kids during their exams and completing their written work.


9). Lunch Bags - This will give them the feeling of  grown up person which kids love to be.


10). Saplings of plants - This will definitely inculcate the basic habit of plantation and saving trees.


11). Sky Lanterns - Kiddos will love to light these in their homes.


12). Chocolate Gift Box - Hardly you will find any child who will not be happy to receive a box full of various types of chocolates.


13). Sunglasses - Now-a-days you can get foldable sunglasses also in the market which kids will find fascinating.


14). Wooden Photo Frame - With their pictures in the frame, you can gift photo frames of cartoons to the kids which will be very appealing.


15). Wrist Watches - Coolest wrist watches with the figures of avengers or minions in them will also be very captivating.


16). Smiley Snack Plate - Smiles is the best gift you can give to someone. So, go with this option and see a bright smile on the kids’ faces.


17). Sharpener and Eraser - Today you can different shapes of sharpeners and erasers in the market like in the shape of burgers. 


18). Art and Crafts book - Books with various art and craft activities in it will prove to be a very good option for diverting their mind from the electronic gadgets.


19). Gardening Tool Sets - Like the idea of gifting saplings, this will also create their interest in preserving trees.


20). Quilling Kit - This is the latest trend in the market now-a-days. This fun activity is engaging and creative as well.


So, now leave your worries and start wrapping...