Have you ever heard about the term “Learn By Fun”!!. It is something which engages a child into learning by having fun as well. This is a very unique concept which is now being adopted for kids by many kindergartens and schools also. This time in this blog we will help you find creative activities for kids which are amusing yet educational -

Find the best Activity Box

1). Roll The Ball - This is a very interesting activity for an infant which encourages him/her to roll the ball which will improve the gross motor skills and muscles. If you have a bolster at home then that will add more fun to it.


2). Clap Your Hands - Small babies love to see elders doing amazing things which emit sound also. Helping them learn how to clap hands will surely be loved by them and it will be  kind of exercise also for their hands.


3). Balloon Colors - Introducing colors to your little one an early age will not only develop his/her creative aspect but will be a fun activity as well. And balloons can be a very good option to make this happen. Draw various balloons of different colors and help your child recognize a particular color of the name you take.


4). Time For Bed - For improving the Hand-eye coordination and concentration of your toddler, this is one of the best activities. Help your child trace the path and reach the final destination which is a bed.


5). Matching Objects - Draw a worksheet in which there will be various objects that the child generally sees in his/her daily life. Each object will have a pair and then tell your child to match the object with its name. This helps the child recognize the objects and also develops the fine motor skills in them.


These are only some of many educational activities which will help your child grow with a smile...)