A child is not born kind but can inherit this beautiful quality in himself by the outer environment. Books play a major role in teaching various moral lessons to kids. Books contain many colorful images which attract kids and make them sit at one place.

Here we present before you a list of bestselling books which give valuable lessons to small kids -

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1). How Kind! - A very sweet and simple story for toddlers by Mary Murphy tells the kids how the chain of being kind goes from person to person.


2). The Nice Book - A very charming yet educational book by David Ezra Stein depicts how small creatures can also spread the message of care. Getting close to someone requires passions and is an art.


3). K Is For Kindness - Elmo, one of the creatures shown in this book by Jodie Shepherd and illustrated by Tom Brannon tells the toddlers how they can help their friends and neighbours and what is the meaning of kindness which ultimately makes him earn a badge.


4). Kindness Is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler - Today’s generation feels very proud in calling themselves cool ones. This books by Margery Buyler and illustrated by Sachiko Yoshikawa very beautifully describes them how they can be COOL by being kind to others. It also teaches the basic traits of life which an individual should do, irrespective of the gender like cleaning the table after dinner or helping elderly persons.


5). Those Shoes - A very cute story by Maribeth Boelts and illustrated by Noah Z. Jones nicely explains why a person should not be greedy for materialistic things and should appreciate whatever he or she has in his/her life.


So, get any of these for you kiddo and teach him/her the lessons of being gentle while having fun. Get the cheap book subscription box India from fubu box and enjoy reading.