It’s fairly clear that many moms want creative activities for kids to keep their child busy. It’s good to engage kids in educational activities which enhance their knowledge and help them learn something new. This list is a bit different because these activities are beautifully framed for parents to perform with your preschooler and to engage kids in creative activities.

  1.   Mapping and colouring: To have a fun playtime with your preschooler, draw an easy map of your nearby locations, make a garden, a playground and a few shops. Teach your little one how to color it and enjoy. 
  2. Gardening: This is really a big fun to do. Gardening keeps you close to nature. Kids just love this activity because they like to play with mud. Teach your kid how to sow some seeds and let them spend some magical time with nature.
  3. Play with Alphabets: To start off, cut colourful papers in the shape of alphabets. For the game, you just need to jumble all the alphabets and ask your child to arrange it in a sequence. For practicing letters and to develop the colour sense, this activity is a great one.
  4.   Balloons Themed Activity: Who doesn’t enjoy playing with balloons? Ofcourse, we all love to play with balloons. Blow different colored and sized balloons and rub them on your hair or fabric and then stick balloon to the walls. This activity will amaze them that how it happens.
  5.   Play with colors: Here’s a fun sensory game for your toddler. All you need is colors, water and sheet. Tell them to make thumb impressions on sheet and teach them to make flowers, butterflies and different shapes with it. It is an excellent and easy activity to teach them colors. They will surely love it.

Try these interesting educational activities for preschoolers at home.