Activities For Toddlers In Nursery

Through indoor physical activities, children learn to relate with others. They can practice empathy and understanding factors that are integral in developing social skills. Additionally, they learn interpersonal skills that allow them to build strong and lasting relationships at a tender age. 

The activities for Toddlers in Nursery to help them learn are as follows- 

Cloud Paper Pillow

The Cloud Paper Pillow is one of the favorite Fububox activities, these adorable clouds teach your toddler how to thread and make a great decoration for their play area or bedroom. 

Water Play

This is one of the best safe environment activities with basic concepts such as volume. Add in some hand-eye coordination and water play is one of the best activities for all the children. 

Counting Activity

Many children love counting games and this activity involves counting. In this, your kid counts the things in the room like pom poms & tongs, toffees, candies, patties, etc. 

Cotton Ball Painting

Great for little hands & exploring texture & color, painting for toddlers is heaps of fun with cotton balls. This activity involves varieties of colors and becomes one of their favorite activities. 

Running, Jumping, Climbing, Swinging

Through these activities, they can increase their confidence as well as develop their resilience through risk-taking. You have to allow them to do so, and providing safe and age-appropriate challenges. 

Science Experiment

These Experiments can be so much fun for your toddler. You have to put some white daisies in containers or jars of colored water, and then your toddler loves watching the flowers changing their color day by day. 

The Cardboard Box

The Cardboard Box is one of the incredible invitations to play. Also, provide your toddler’s cushions. Paper plates, and watch them explore their world, and allow them to think like an engineer. 

Garden Activity

For this, You have to give them wet cotton balls and tell them to plant a bean seed in a jar & let them watch it grow over the coming days\weeks. This can be amazing to watch things grow. 

We believe that you get the best activity for your little ones. Fububox encourages children to draw on their own, he blends mixed reality with the varieties of toys and activity boxes that keep them entertained in a safe way along with making them creative thinkers. 

Every box comes with a personalized message and a surprise goodie for extra fun. 

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