Stimulating Activities for Toddlers

Stimulating Activity is an essential part of your toddler’s learning experience. It’s called sensory play and activity that stimulates one of the five senses for a young child. These activities give kids a chance to explore and investigate the world around them while encouraging creativity and scientific thinking. 

Here we listed some of the best stimulating activities for toddlers the web has to offer. These ideas will be sure to keep your toddlers engaged and learning! 

1. Stem + Art Book (Price- Rs. 700) 

Is there anything more fun for a toddler than playing in colorful finger paint? There’s no need to worry about toxins thanks to this homemade paint recipe from Fububox. Kids will learn about color mixing and they’ll have a blast getting messy and making art. Add even more fun by putting the paint in squeeze bottles! 

2. The Original Jolly Phonics Workbooks ( Price- Rs. 850)

The Jolly Phonics Pupil Books are write-in-pupil books providing fun and engaging lesson activities for young children in their first year of learning to read and write. This helps children to use their letter-sound knowledge to read and write simple regular words

3. High Contrast 18 picture flashcards

The Fububox activity box for 0-2 years comes with 3 engaging and fun activities to educate children. A wooden Montessori rattle that makes a click-clack sound rolls on the floor. It gives stimulation to the babies, they like to listen to the sound and follow its path. 

4. Alphabet squish

Teach your toddlers letters with a little squishy fun with this idea from Fububox. All you’ll need is shaving cream, liquid glue, and alphabet stickers to create fun, puffy “letter clouds”. 

Now the time is for some stimulating sensory fun! 

Use the above ideas to create significant learning experiences for your kids. You may even want to join in the fun!

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