Best Activity Box for Toddlers India

If you’re searching for the best Activity Boxes\ Subscription Boxes for Toddlers in India, you’ve come to the right place. Activity boxes offer a plethora of educational activities-hands-on games, puzzles, experiments, and books for children to engage with. 

Benefits- These activity boxes are designed to enhance your child’s sensory, motor, and cognitive skills. 

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A child’s brain is like a sponge, absorbing everything going on around them. Every little thing they soak in builds connections in their brain. So, the answer to the question is to give them the opportunity to learn things and introduce them to the right learning tools & improve your child’s attention span. There are many learning & activity-based toys, books & DIY crafts for children in the market. Here we have the top best Activity Boxes for Toddlers In India 2021. 


The top best Activity boxes for Toddlers in India are as follows:- 

Activity Box: Ages 0-2 

The Fububox activity box for 0-2 years comes with 3 engaging and fun activities to educate children. This box includes an 18 picture flash for babies, A plush penguin toy, A wooden Montessori rattle at just under Rs. 1,450 at discount. 

Activity Box: Ages 2-5

The Fububox activity box for 2-5 years comes with 3 engaging and 

Fun activities to educate children. This box includes a Montessori 

Wooden sand tracing tray, 26 Alphabet flashcards, and 10 number 

Flashcards just under Rs. 1,450 at discount. 

Activity Box: Ages 4-7

The Fububox activity box for 4-7 years comes with 3 engaging and fun activities to educate children. This box includes a Wooden Montessori sorting tray, Velcro Sheets, and Velvet Coloring Sheets just under Rs. 1,650 at discount. 

Choose the age-appropriate Box

0-2 yrs- (2-3) Board Books

2-4 yrs- 3 Picture Books

4-7 yrs- 3 Picture Books

Choose the subscription plan

3 months, 

6 months or 12 months

Receive Your Fububox and enjoy! 


(Age Group 0-7 yrs) 

Activity boxes such a FubuBox are well-researched, designed by a team of experts, offer challenging learning tools that are best for your child’s age and developmental stage. It is the market leader in the field of early education and in the subscription business model in India. It is the most loved monthly subscription box for kids!

Fububox is a Monthly Book Subscription Box full of fun and surprises for Kids aged 0-7 years. Every box comes with a personalized message and a surprise goodie for extra fun. Through our beautiful collection of carefully curated, age-appropriate, book boxes, we at Fububox, aim to help parents find the perfect books for their little ones. 

It also comes with exciting accessories and a surprise gift for the young reader. With hassle-free, doorstep delivery the FubuBox Subscription is the best activity box for kids for reading. So, go ahead and order a FubuBox now! Let us spread the joy of reading one box at a time. 

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