Activities Integrating Math & Science

The aim of the Integrating activities is to focus on more than one skill or subject matter through one exercise or activity. It helps them to shows students that subject matter and skills are not compartmentalized but can be applied in many different situations.  

The use of Mathematics & Science in real-life activities is another way to approach your toddlers. You should involve your toddler through conducting experiments, collecting data, analyzing the data, and reporting results, students experience the processes of science and perform the needed mathematics. It is really very difficult to separate math from science, and one of the current trends in education has merged these fields with engineering and technology. 

Some activating based on Science\Math are as follows-

1- Understanding Bubbles

This activity involves a blowing bubble and place the liquid in a shallow dish and give the kids a straw to blow bubbles.  Tell them to fill many bubbles as much as they can. On Fububox there is a collection of bubble activities that are great for nurturing a child’s sense of curiosity. 

1- Sunlight Painting

This activity involves dark blue construction paper, sun-sensitive paper, and small items. Place the arrangements in a super sunny place and leave until its gets print. 

2- Float Activity

For this activity, you have to fill a tub with water and place a duck toy on it. Then your toddler can differentiate between the words “Sink”, and “Float”. 

3- Mixing Color tubes

When your toddler mix one color with another color then two different colors together makes another color. Let them guess which color is going to show next. 

Guessing Game

Fill a container with the object. Fill these containers with items. Have the kids count the container of 10. Talk together about what 10 things look like, and how different it is from the totally full container. 

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