Science & Math Activities for Preschoolers

Science & Math Activities pays deep attention to the quality, communication, and interaction of the things that surround us. Understanding the difference between the applications in art, policy, and civic life is really very important to them. Preparing preschoolers to understand Science & Math tools to understand, analyze, and impact the communities around them. The activities give opportunities to develop and practice many different skills and attributes. Some skills include communication, collaboration, team working, problem-solving, creativity, analytical, reasoning, etc. 

These activities become very part for them in learning for all the preschoolers in the early learning for all children in the early years and a good experience is an essential life skill. 

Some Activities related to Science & Math for Preschoolers are as follows- 

Shapes Understanding Activities

Ask your child to explain how she differentiates each shape by their defining features (for instance, a triangle has three connected sides) and telling them the different shapes and sizes. 

Measurement Activities

Ask your child to explain the forms of measurement (length, height, weight, size, quantities). Also introduce them with whole numbers, fractions, positive\negative numbers. 

Invisible Ink

This experiment includes materials like a lemon, bowl, spoon, water, paper, and a paintbrush. You have to tell your child to squeeze the juice from one lemon into a bowl, along with a spoonful of water. Then allow them to grab their “paintbrush”, dip it in the mixture, and draw on a piece of paper. Tell them to observe the Leamon Juice turns o brown from oxidation when it heats up. 

Sink” or “Float”

For this activity, you have to fill a tub with water and place a duck toy on it. Then your toddler can differentiate between the words “Sink”, and “Float”. 


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