Genius ways to make your child Read!

We all want our kids to be well mannered, beautifully brought up individuals. We also want them to be readers. As it is books that will teach them the hacks of life. Things that we, as parents miss on the way between diapers, schools, playtime and sanity!
How to get them motivated to read is the first main question. And once that motivation is found, how to make it continue to be the same is the other.

Here are a few tips to get your kids love reading seriously!

Show them love for books:
When you love books, kids follow you. Just like they follow your eating habits. Set the example you want them to follow.

Make a reading corner:
Make reading an overall experience. Let your kids have their own little library. Let this be the place where they can get lost in the world of stories and tales.

Turn to books in problems:
Remember the times when as a kid your grandparents used to come to you with the best advice in the form of stories. The same can happen now. Just let your kids go to books and stories for things in life. This way they get attached to their books even more.

Get goofy!
Make your books come to life. The best way to do this is to make it an experience. Visually, and audibly. Make gestures and create souls. Let them live the world of books in reality. Let your kids see what they read. This works particularly well with beginners and early readers.

Books are a world of wonder and with the right ones there is a world out there for your little ones to explore, breathe and love!
Make reading fun.
We hope these tips help you!