Take Childcare Offline

Parenting is a full time online business. Not only do we want to keep checking what to expect while expecting but we also want to keep seeing to the fact that there is a continuous sharing of what our kids are up to at all times. After all, it is quite a ride, isn’t it?

As parents, don’t we all love our afternoon somber? Or that quite cup of coffee in peace? Or just sitting in a place and having a meal without any disturbance. But how do we achieve it with our kids blaring with such oozing energies!

We, give them screens.

There are many excuses we give as a justification,
“They want it, that it buys us a little time.”
“They are very fast, they just take it.”
“That is also a new form of intelligence.”

But the reason is, that we want them to have some engagement, to keep them involved and that is the only way yin and yang can come together.

It is startling to see how well are kids able to take to the gadgets instantaneously these days.
A toddler who mumbles can now know where to click on the screen to reach cartoons. Young girls still learning to take a proper grip of the pencil are now able to take pictures and make recordings.

It is of immense importance that we understand how important interaction and effective engagement is for child development.
It is in these formative years, that a holistic parent-child relationship can foster.

It is integral to get parenting offline and make it holistic.

How do we do it?

Go back in time: Try and imagine your childhood. Most of our early days are sans the word ‘bore’. This was in a time when there were no screens, no phones and no internet. Just good books, good conversations and better channelization of energies. Get them classic colorful reads, let them see the world outside through the world in the pages.

Get classics: Carom, ludo, snakes and ladder, our classic cards. There is so much to do. Card games can help the children not only with pattern understanding, but arrangement, a reasoning ability and a constant concentration on something productive for hours. Minimize, for instance is a new card game on the block that can do this and much more!

Out-of-the-Doors: Outdoors is the place to be. Physical engrossment, psycho-social development and a lot of health benefits! It is integral to get your children out of the house, they will be thanking you in the future, trust us!

Believe us, there are times taking a couple of steps back is the best way to go forward!
Happy parenting!