How to make your child fall in love with books!

Our kids are our world and modern parenting states that you should let them grow just as flowers. A bud, that blooms into something beautiful in its own sweet time and pace.
Nature also tells us that we give fodder and water to make our flower bloom the brightest. That is how kids are, let them carve their own path in life and take decisions for themselves.

But, make sure you never forget to point your finger in the direction to what is right for them.
One such thing is to start developing good habits as a child. And what we feel at Fubu box, is that reading is a habit as a child and a strength as an adult.

But our little bundles of energy with all their curiosity and young minds at work want to do so much more in little time. How to, as a parent make them sit in a place and read?
We have got you covered! Here are a few tips on how to make reading fun for your kids!

Make them the decision takers:

There is a child that loves colourful pictures, a child that likes animal fables, a child that wants robot stories and a child who just wants to touch and feel the book, and trust us, they are all right! Books are wonderful and each of them is great. But what is even better is that when your child gets to choose their read, they enjoy the the process more. So tonight, let your child choose what he/she wants to read.

Make it in parts:

A child has an attention span of just a couple of minutes through the day. Make it worthwhile. It is not important to have them read the whole book in a go. Read a page or two, make it entertaining. They would want to come back to you the next day and continue the read.

Make reading as fun as playtime!

Why do kids wait for playdates? Because they are fun! That is what your aim towards reading needs to be. FUN!
Impersonate voices, pretend to create the whole scene, let them live what is in the pages. We are sure they are going to wait for their time with the book.

Make reading for every kid! Make reading fun!