Kids love playing outside, rarely you will find any who likes to reside at home. But if we tell you that we have got some amazing yet educational activities which kids can enjoy at home then what will be your call!!!..

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Here we present a list of some of the best indoor activities which the kiddos will love to get involved in :

1). Sing the rhymes with them - Music is said to be one of  the best ways to keep an infant happy and make the child learn the daily activities of life.


2). Use flashlights in the dark - It will help the child learn the importance of light and the child will never be afraid of dark places.


3). Paint with watercolors - Let your child explore the creative aspect of life by the colors and you can be of great help in that.


4). Wash plastic dish - In this way the child can learn that household chores can also be made interesting.


5). Draw on a white board - Kids love to draw and this shows the power of their imagination. 


6). Play with the sand or dough - Playing with sand is never unhygienic, but will boost their immunity power.


7). Transfering objects - It is very important to make infants learn this technique and you can actually help them inculcate this by keeping them busy by making them transfer one object from one hand to another.     


8). Create and obstacle course - Challenges are a part of life but overcoming them is the art of life. You can teach your child this by building obstacles for them and helping them cross those.


9). Play indoor games with them - Indoor games like chess proves to be a tonic for the mental growth of a child. So keep them busy by playing with them..

10). Use flashcards - Images have a larger impact on everybody’s life than anything else. By using flashcards for everything, kids will be able to retain that throughout their life.