Having kids and becoming a parent is a boon in itself. You give a life to a young one and you want he/she to do some good deeds and to develop some good virtues in him/her.  It’s crucial to establish a good bond with your kid to instill some good values and make their belief system strong. 


Here, to help you out we are suggesting some questions for you to ask your kid to improve your bond with them. 

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  • What they are grateful for?


This question will help you to know - what’s important for your kid and also helps them to count the blessings they are having in their life. Thus they will be able to see the brighter side of their life and will help them to appreciate what they have. Overall concept is simple - The feeling of gratefulness makes you happier and thus you give them a sense of true happiness in their lives.



  • What they love doing? 


Know about their interests and what gives them happiness. By knowing where their happiness lies you can support them in bringing their best in those activities (if it is a good activity). But if it is a bad one, you can ask them to abandon such things by showing them the repercussions of those activities in their later life.



  • What is the worst thing ever happened with them?


Know what hurts them the most. Explain them that life is not always good and grass always looks greener on the other side. Life is the amalgamation of both good and bad. Ask you kids not to feel bad because of a single bad experience. Shed off the negativity and move ahead in a positive direction. 



  • Which people or friends they like the most and why?


Liking some attribute means you want to become like that. You have an interest in it. Knowing which qualities, attributes attract your child helps you to know their interest. 



  • How much they love to help others?


Helping others brings a sense of positivity and happiness in a person. Explain to them the importance of doing so and suggest them how they can help their neighbours and friends.


Thus develop a good bond and inculcate the good values in your child.