Being a parent is not an easy job. It’s indeed one of the most demanding jobs. The parents are loaded with countless responsibilities of managing the entire house and protecting the family while ensuring everyone is happy. We, as parents, make every possible effort to provide our kids with everything they need in life. 

On one hand, we may go through numerous books that tell the ways to physically take care of kids. We make sure that our home is child-friendly that is clean and safe. We shop for the best bay product and best education for our children but still, we skip one thing- their emotional health. 


We have listed down 10 tips shared by experts to keep them emotionally healthy as well as maintain a good bond with them. We, the founders of FubuBox educational subscription boxes of kids, are sure that your kids also want you to know these tips for a better upbringing. 


  1. Never make a difference between your children. From such actions, a feeling of competition and jealousy might get developed in the mind and heart of your kids. Also, it will end up in an unhealthy relationship between siblings as well as you and them. 


  1. Showing your love through gestures like pecks, hugs, etc. will strengthen your relationship with your offspring.


  1. Let them feel that you are their friends so they can openly share everything with you. Start communicating with them from an early age for a happy child-parent relationship. 


  1. Don’t implement your decisions on your children. Providing them with options and allowing them to make their own choice will improve their decision-making skills. This will also help them in attaining confidence. 
  2. While taking care of your children, don’t forget to care for yourself too. Irregular meals, lack of sleep, and tiredness will make you feel frustrated unnecessarily, which spoils the environment around your children. 


  1. Never beat or use excessive physical force on your kid as this would model violence as the key to get the things done or get the issues resolved. 


  1. Eileen Kennedy-Moore, Ph.D., author of Smart Parenting for Smart Kids says “Know your kid. Each child is a unique combination of strengths and response to fit the kid in front of you.”


  1. Dr. Kennedy-Moore says that “Give yourself time-outs. When you’re feeling angry, you’re less likely to respond to your child in a helpful way. You don’t have to react instantly. Taking a brief break helps you settle down and think things through.”



  1. According to Connie Diekman, R.D. Washington University in St. Louis, parents should Chill out about toddler meals.: “Expect odd food habits. Offer a variety. Don’t push, don’t panic. They’ll eat when they’re hungry. 


  1. Words of Wendy Mogel, Ph.D., author of The Blessing of a Skinned Knee 

“Make being a mom look appealing to your kid so she’ll want to have children and you can be a grandparent one day. If you’re always stressed, pouty, or fussing, she won’t be inspired to become a parent herself.”


FubuBox team strives to provide the parents with the best parenting tips for a good relationship with children. Our educational boxes subscription is a great way to give some quality time to your children.