Are you unable to catch your kid's interest and attention in reading? We all know that a kid’s interest is hard to gain, and getting them concentrated on a single thing is not that easy. But one thing that is true for sure is that you are not alone who faces this problem!

Reading is important for your child to have a sense of language and improve communication skills. Particularly when it comes to reading English books, its significance lies in the fact that how well they are able to communicate with their friends and elders.  

Here is good news for you that we have brought a subscription box for kids that is a great way to take them towards a bright future. You can get your little ones interested in reading without taking any headache through our curated educational boxes subscription. Entertain your children by gifting them something creative.

We, at FubuBox, introduce attractive educational boxes online to reveal new things related to creativity and education in an interesting way. It’s a unique book subscription box in India that has been designed for children of different age groups. We offer Baby FubuBox for children of 0-2 years, Toddler FubuBox for 2-4 years, and Early Reader Box for 4-6 years. You can get our subscription for a period of 3,6, and 12 months at the reasonable prices. 

Each of our boxes comes with interesting books that would surely be loved by your little ones. We did not just pack 2-3 books but also some accessories for extra fun. We continually keep finding out-of-the-box topics that match your children’s reading ability. This box is an amazing gift for your children as well as friends or family member’s kids. So, there is no reason left for not trying our special fun, educational boxes. 

This is a great way to interact with your children and spend quality time together. Children love to hear your voice and you can make them smile while making them learn good things by reading out stories from the books included in the box. After the storytelling, you can ask them questions related to that particular story to check their attentiveness. Happy hours together!

We offer the best educational boxes for toddlers and that too at the best prices. This is why our boxes are preferred by many schools, kindergarten, and parents. We are driven by our commitment to come up with exclusive titles and accessories for our little readers. When you subscribe with us, we’ll send you this extraordinary box each month without any fail as per your opted plan. You won’t have to remind us of sending you the subscription box. Furthermore, re-subscribing with us under a similar plan or any other is a breeze as you’ve to just send us an email or a message on WhatsApp. 

 We are proud to help parents and educational institutions in creating distinct learning opportunities for kids right from the infancy stage through our creative boxes.