Looking for a unique way to develop your kid’s brain? Let FubuBox suggest something out of the box! We, at FubuBox, curate the custom subscription boxes your kids will love. The early years of your child are crucial for making them familiar with diverse things in society and nature. We have the best collection of engaging activity boxes for kids of 0 to 6 years, which provides them with an opportunity to uncover the new way of learning and entertainment. 

FubuBox Collection   

Our concept of educational boxes for toddlers is truly mind-blowing as it not only keeps your little one engaged but also foster the liking for reading & learning from an early age. Whether your child is from the age group of 0-2 years, 2-4 years, or 4-6 years, we make sure they get a magic box of education and entertainment. Our box comes with two to three creative books along with a few playful materials for added enjoyment. You can speak the stories and rhymes aloud to your kids and ask them to repeat after you. This would keep them entertained as well as strengthen the parent-child relationship. The collection includes Baby FubuBox, Early Reader Box, and Toddler FubuBox. These age-appropriate boxes leave no stone unturned when it comes to the brain development of little ones. 

Foundation of Mind-Blowing Concept “FubuBox Educational Boxes for Toddlers Online

It’s true that only parents can understand the feeling and mindset of other parents and guardians and this is why the founder of FubuBox educational boxes subscriptions who are full-time moms have come up with this extraordinary idea. The subscription box is launched with an aim to nourish the young imaginative minds with an interesting mix of books across the world. Every box is packed with the best rhyme and storytelling books, thoughtful photos, and lots of love. Gone are the days when you hope on to the local book store, which has limited titles for curious kids. And referring the online platforms for creative rhymes and stories have millions of options, which may confuse you to find the right option. Here comes the FubuBox subscription box. We are a customized book curator for your child. A box packed with pure fun and joy! 

A Few Bucks for Fun & Facts

The best part is that it comes with no high price tags. Yes! You read it right. These exclusive boxes are economically prized so middle-class parents can also afford it and present with the elite box to their children. Furthermore, this makes a superb gift for children of the family as well as friends. Whether it’s children’s day, birthday, or just a casual surprise, you can gift our FubuBox to the kids. 

First Choice of Educational Institutions

As this concept includes everything needed by children for their brain development and relaxation, many schools and kindergartens are preferring us. Teachers are very much impressed with this unique style of learning and that’s is why FubuBox activity subscription boxes are the most ordered ones in India.