On average, kids in India under the age of 5 years watch television for more than two hours on an everyday basis. Access to smartphones and advanced online games are making children addicted to gadgets. According to doctors kids who use gadgets for long hours are at risk of physical as well as mental illness. Emotional detachment and postural deformities are the most common problems that occur due to excessive use of electronic handheld gadgets. Here we have discussed the major problem but have not highlighted the reason behind it. Why kids are more inclined to such devices instead of playing outside? This happens due to lack of time with working parents and increasing security concerns while leaving children alone outside.  

What is the way out of this issue? The best thing parents and guardians can do is to get the unique activity box subscription for their kids. We have found this alternative to keep them engaged without smartphones and other devices. 

Things to Know About FubuBox Activity Subscription Boxes

Playing is the best way by which your kid can learn new things. The combination of learning and fun activities would help them explore out-of-the-box things. This is what our specially curated educational boxes are all about. We, at FubuBox, understand the requirements for a kid’s mental growth. Therefore, we offer educational boxes for kids of age groups of 0 to 2 years, 2 to 4 years, and 4 to 6 years, which are named as Baby FubuBox, Toddler FubuBox, and Early Reader FubuBox respectively. 

We have launched these educational boxes for babies and toddlers in India at economical prices. Each box comes packed with 2 to 3 interesting books that have amazing stories and rhymes along with a few accessories to play and have extra fun. This extraordinary concept of kid’s activity box is a perfect way for parents to give their children some quality time. You can tell them engaging stories and make them learn good lessons. You’ll too enjoy this time when your kids ask you questions related to the specific story. 

The best thing about these boxes is that books that are included match the reading ability of your children so they can understand and learn things actively and engagingly. We aim to provide your kids with hidden gems. These books are thoroughly reviewed by our expert team. Our experts give a rating to each book out of 7 points depending on its readability. The best picks are then included in the FubuBox box. 

We feel proud when we are praised by parents as well as educational institutions for offering the best educational boxes for toddlers. Our subscription plan is for different periods, including 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. You just have to choose an appropriate plan and get started with us. We will send you the box under the opted plan within 3-4 days of the date of the order received. Also, you’ll get a tracking number via email to track your subscription box.