What comes into your mind when the word “Gift” gets popped up!!...”I should also receive one”....yes you got it right…If this can be the feeling of an adult, just imagine how a kiddo will react to this exhilaration. Who says that a child is very difficult to understand, you only need to find the right occasions to see a bright smile on their face. 

But what to gift whom is very hard to decide considering a child’s mentality, but when you have a friend like Fububox, you need to drop this confusing state on us.

Here we present you the top 10 gifting ideas and fun gifts for kids which will leave you with excitement -


1). A Subscription Plan - Why always think about gifting a doll or  car when you can go on for a series of gifts. Here we present a set of books or CDs as per your choice which can enrich the knowledge of the child. The subscription plan will make the child read or play throughout the year.


2). A Customized Gift Box - With these kind of bundles, you can always choose the gifts of your choice. A customized gift box may contain puzzle books, building blocks, stacking toys, role & pretend play toys, musical toys in order to create an interest in music, board games and the list continues.


3). Baby Fubu Box - Fubu Box also provides you with the facility of gifting as per the  age of the child. For kids aging between 0-2 years we have got board books with surprise gifts in it. You can have a great bond with your child even before the child is born if you read along with him from the birth.


4). Toddler Fubu Box - When kids step between the age of 2-4 years, they want something very attractive and mesmerizing. So why to look for anything else when you can have a Toddler’s Fubu Box at your doorstep. Each box has got 2-3 picture book and not to forget a surprise gift as well. Discover the hidden talent of the child while playing and reading aloud with him.


5). Early Reader Fubu Box - As the kids are on the threshold to inculcate the reading habit i.e. ranging between the age 4-6 years, you can always go for the Early Reader Fubu Box. It has got various books of great authors like “Mog on Fox Night” by Judith Kerr or “What the Ladybird Heard Next” by Julia Donalson and Lydia Monks with moral lesson. With this the child will not only learn moral values but will also inculcate the seed of imagination right from the beginning.


6). Music Rhyme books - Nursery rhymes are the best ways to keep a child away from the electronic gadgets. You can always sing those rhymes with the child and help the little one explore music with some learnings.

7). Diwali Gift Box - This Diwali, make the kids bring their emotions for brightening their future. And the best way to usher this through a gift box customized on your demand by Fubu Box. We  can wrap the creative activities for kids with picture books, fun doodle, kids puzzles, art and craft books and many more. You just demand and we are at your service.


8).Sassy Bumpy Ball - Now-a-days it is said to be a must in the list. It helps the child develop the basic motor skills in a much better way.


9). Mega Blocks - When it comes to constructing something constructive, these kind of blocks help a lot in understanding the endless possibilities of giving shape to a construction.


10). Learning Walkers - Enjoy watching the first step of your child with sit-to-stand  walkers which won’t cost much but will spread tremendous happiness. 


So, why to wait and worry when Fubu Box is there for children’s personalised gifts delivery…