Best Activity Box For Three Year Olds

At the age of three, your child is constantly learning and is learning very fast. Therefore, you want to make sure that you give your child’s brain the right fodder through books that are perfect for this tender age. FubuBox relieves you of the dilemma of finding new books for your child each month, with the perfect activity box for children aged 2-3 years old.

FubuBox is the brainchild of young mompreneurs. Their love for children’s books and understanding of the role books play in a child’s overall growth has helped FubuBox take its present shape.

Where on one hand they instinctively know what kids love to read, their selections never include run-of-the-mill books that you would find in a store or online. Every book subscription box packs in some of the most delightful, yet rare books, collected from across the globe to give your little one something new and exciting each month.

With the activity box for children aged 2-3 years old, you will receive two or three, super interesting, perfectly age-appropriate books. These may include interactive books like sound books; pop-up books, touch-and-feel books or others that are sure to catch the attention of your tot. Filled with beautiful pictures and wonderful stories, these books are also extremely fun to read aloud to your little one.

Of course, with FubuBox is does not stop at books. Each box for kids includes surprise gifts like bag tags, bookmarks, chocolates and a lot more. Every month, your little one and you have something new to look forward to. Wrapped beautifully, every box comes carefully curated to meet your child’s reading needs and more.

There is a unique ‘baby box’ or the early learning box as well which can be customized as per the child’s age. To get this book subscription box, log on to the FubuBox website, choose your plan, select the age of your child and complete your purchase. You will soon start receiving a beautiful box, delivered to your doorstep each month for the subscription period chosen by you.