Best Monthly Subscription Box for Kids in India

Looking for new and interesting books for your little one? If you are an ardent book lover yourself, you know that there are several hidden treasures across the world that you cannot really find online and even in stores. Well, you don’t have to go on a quest to bring the best books for your child to read because FubuBox activity box for kids takes care of it for you.

We have a dedicated team that puts together the best monthly subscription box for kids in India. Every box comes with 2or 3 of the best books for your child along with several goodies like book marks, author notes and a lot more. The books that we select make sure that you have something fun to do with your child everyday. You can read the stories out loud, enjoy colorful pictures and even get engrossed in the interactive books that we pick out for you.

The best part is that these educational subscription activity boxes for kids are completely age appropriate. When purchasing the box, you can select your child’s age. The books that we pack into these activity boxes for kids each month help in the development of various skills as per your child’s age. Of course, we also understand what kids of a particular age would enjoy the most.

Every FubuBox is tastefully and carefully packed so that your child will want to lay his or hands on it the moment they look at it. Whether you are looking at great activity boxes for your own child or are looking for the perfect gift, these are the best subscription boxes for boys and girls.

Get yours now. All you have to do is select the age of your child. Then, choose the plan that you want, whether it is a monthly, semi-annual or yearly package. Once you have bought your box, we will wrap up the perfect goodies and books for your child and have them delivered to your doorstep.